Scrumptious Banana Muffins

OK, I left out the ‘whole wheat’ part in the title because I thought I might lose people with that.  But these are scrumptious and healthy!  And I used something called white, unbleached whole wheat flour which makes no sense because how can it be white if it’s unbleached and whole wheat?  And in fact it isn’t as white as bleached flour but it is lighter than straight whole wheat.  Just picked it up from Safeway.

I’ve made these twice now and the second time doubled the recipe so that I could put half in the freezer which has worked well in making them last into a second week now.  The only variation I made from the recipe is to add an additional diced banana to the batter so that you could actually bite into banana, which I think worked nicely.

I no longer remember which blog I originally read about these in (since I don’t follow the blog that they actually appear in) but you should try them the next time you have a few bananas going black.

Enjoy! Whole Wheat Banana Muffins

(Oh, and most importantly, my kids LOVED them)

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