Stylin’ strap

A good friend who is an extremely talented photographer, asked me to make her a strap cover for her camera.  I’ve seen them for a long time now for sale on etsy for around $20-$30.  This amazes me (especially now that I’ve made a couple) because it literally takes a few scraps of fabric and a half hour to pull one of these together.

I used this tutorial from Little Big Girl Studio, which was very easy to follow.  To save time, I decided to make two at the same time – one for her and one for me.  The problem with sewing two of anything at the same time, especially when it’s your first time making one is that when you make a mistake (as often happens the first time I make something) you make the mistake twice.  And I made several mistakes while making this.  So it took a little longer than normal (there was cursing and a seam ripper involved).  But I still believe you can make one in about a half hour if you know what you’re doing.  OK, maybe an hour if you include cutting time.

The fun part for me was being introduced to a new product: fusible fleece.  It’s not totally necessary for this, but it does add a nice cushion to the strap cover, making it slightly padded and thus more comfortable to carry your camera.  You can buy it in a package or by the yard.  It’s a thin fleece that has adhesive on one side so that you can iron it onto the fabric and it sticks in place.  I could see using this when making a baby blanket so that the filling doesn’t move around when you quilt.

I had intended to put the lens pocket on the contrasting side of the strap (rather than on the same fabric) but only managed to do that for my strap, not for my friend’s.  I hope she doesn’t mind.  Here they are:

My friend’s:


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