Maternity jeans, salvaged

The most comfortable, flattering, best-fitting jeans I’ve ever owned was when I was pregnant.  I wore those things every single day of both pregnancies.  Well, almost.  I love those jeans so much that I have seriously considered getting pregnant again, JUST so I can wear those jeans again.  Then I learned to sew…

As you can see, I have tried wearing these jeans long past the disappearance of the baby weight by using large safely pins to gather up the sides of the paneling.  Obviously, I wear long shirts of them.

So I decided that rather than add to our family yet again, I would remove the old, stretched-out paneling and add a better fitting ribbed knit band.

I haven’t worked with ribbed knit yet so I had to pull out a skirt I bought with a ribbed knit waistband just to see which direction the ribs should be going (up and down, it turns out).  I cut a band about 3 inches wide and a few inches shorter than my waist, folded it in half and sewed it to the top of the jeans.

They’re not as tight as I would like, especially when going from sitting to standing (I need to do a big yank up), but short of adding a drawstring (which might not have been a terrible idea) they are perfectly wearable and still totally flattering!

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