Easy sundresses for girls

I think I’m going a little overboard with feeling like I have to make my daughter a new dress or outfit for every single holiday, major or minor.  With so much going on for end of school year activities I decided to scrap making a Father’s Day dress off my list and focus on the 4th of July instead.  I also needed to make something for our little friend Liza who is turning 5 in a couple weeks.

Since I’ve been feeling swamped with other to-dos I looked through my bookmarks for a super easy, fast tutorial and came up with Lil Blue Boo’s Super Simple Summer Dress.  It’s a fun combination of using a tank top for the top (picked up at Old Navy, 2 for $10), going through some scrap material for the skirt part and using fabric paints to spruce up the top.

For the 4th of July dress I decided to paint a large star on the front so I printed up a star from Google Images onto regular paper.  I taped it to my cutting board and then laid a piece of freezer paper (not wax paper, must be freezer paper which I had to order online because none of my local stores carry it) on top and taped that down.  Then I carefully cut out the star using an Exacto knife.  You lay the freezer paper onto the fabric and iron it on and it sticks – that way, if all goes as planned, you don’t get any paint under the edges of the paper.

I used several coats of white and the last coat was a sparkly white.  I repeated the whole process with the number 5 for Liza’s dress.

Then, as per the tutorial instructions, I ruffled up a couple strips of fabric for each skirt (first finishing the edges with a serger, although you could easily just hem them) and sewed those to the bottom of the tank tops.

The dresses lived up to their name: super simple.

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